What Is The Antonym Of Progress?

What is the opposite to progress?

What is the opposite of progress?regressiondeclinefailurefallinggoing backwardreversionregressretreatstoppagehalt78 more rows.

Why is progress good?

That would be progress. Progress means more than economic growth. It means a longer and better quality life for a larger proportion of people. … A major component of progress is improved life expectancy and diminished maternal and infant deaths.

What is a progress?

Progress is the process of gradually improving or getting nearer to achieving or completing something. The medical community continues to make progress in the fight against cancer. The two sides made little if any progress towards agreement. Synonyms: development, increase, growth, advance More Synonyms of progress. 2.

What is the antonym of healthy?

bitty, decrepit, neglected, corrupt, sad, weak, unhealthful, undernourished, inadequate, marginal, bad, declining, insolvent, delicate, adverse, varicose, Picayunish, hopeless, infectious, noxious, negligible, paltry, petty, petite, Languishing, sickening, pint-size, worn, failing, poor, indisposed, unsanitary, …

How do you use the word digress?

Examples of digress in a Sentence — Alain de Botton, How Proust Can Change Your Life, 1997 He digressed so often that it was hard to follow what he was saying. If I can digress for a moment, I’d like to briefly mention her earlier films.

Is digress the opposite of progress?

Progress is close to the opposite of digress. Both words have the same root gress, “to step.” Progress refers to moving forward, while digress refers to moving sideways or away from the main ending point.

What is the synonym of progress?

development, advance, breakthrough, gain, growth, headway, improvement. movement, advance, course, passage, way. See in progress.

Do you think progress is always good give examples to support your view?

reasons and examples to support your answer. I strongly agree with the statement that progress is always good unless it not harm our life. Nowadays human did many progress in different field like computer, automobiles and internet. One of the best inventions 20th century is computer which helps to unite world.

What is another word for finished?

What is another word for finished?completedcompleteattaineddispatchedeffectuatedperfectedceasedcompasseddecideddown104 more rows

What’s the opposite of regression?

To understand the word regressive, it’s helpful to know that its antonym, or opposite, is progressive. When something is progressive, it tends to get better and more advanced. Something that’s regressive, on the other hand, gets less developed or returns to an older state.

What is a synonym and antonym for complete?

complete. Antonyms: incomplete, partial, imperfect, unfinished, inadequate. Synonyms: full, perfect, finished, adequate, entire, consummate, total, exhaustive, thorough, accomplished.

Can progress be negative?

Social progress, scientific progress and economic development are usually considered as having a positive effect on our society however there are some cases where this change can have a negative effect too.

What is another word for in process?

Similar words for in process: begun (adjective) continuous (adjective) going (adjective) ongoing (adjective)

What is another word for moving on?

Alternate Synonyms for “move on”: advance; progress; pass on; march on; go on; travel; go; move; locomote.

What is the opposite of digress?

Opposite of to shift from the main subject of discussion temporarily. focus. concentrate. refocus. fixate.

How do you say no progress?

To not make progress – thesaurusfalter. verb. to stop being effective or making progress.fall behind. phrasal verb. … not be getting/going anywhere. phrase. … be no further forward. phrase. … tread water. phrase. … stall. verb. … be/get bogged down. phrasal verb. … be getting/going nowhere fast. phrase.More items…

What is the word complete?

adjective. having all parts or elements; lacking nothing; whole; entire; full: a complete set of Mark Twain’s writings. finished; ended; concluded: a complete orbit. having all the required or customary characteristics, skills, or the like; consummate; perfect in kind or quality: a complete scholar.

What is another word for level up?

What is another word for level up?advancedeveloppick upreformshape upget somewhereliftintensifytake it to the next levelturn it up180 more rows