Quick Answer: How Much Do Total Wine Cashiers Make?

Does Total Wine pay weekly or biweekly?

4 answers.

The company pays biweekly..

How much do specs employees make?

Specs SalariesJob TitleSalaryCashier salaries – 17 salaries reported$10/hrSales Associate salaries – 12 salaries reported$10/hrRetail Sales Associate salaries – 5 salaries reported$12/hrAssistant Manager salaries – 5 salaries reported$15/hr16 more rows•Dec 12, 2020

Does Total Wine and More drug test?

Total Wine does a background check and 10-panel drug screen on every applicant. The drug test looks for the usual cocaine, amphetamines and THC, but it will also find benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium) and any anti-depressant.

Are gas stations dangerous to work at?

Occupational-safety advocates say these workers – the clerks, attendants and cashiers who staff the counters at gas stations and corner grocery stores, often alone and late into the night – are among the most vulnerable to workplace violence and harassment, falling victim to on-the-job attacks at a rate that approaches …

Is total wine cheaper than Costco?

Costo: Cheaper but smaller selection. Total Wine: Larger selection but slightly more expensive. The trick with Costco is to buy their knock-offs.

Is total wine a good company to work for?

Great work environment! Total Wine offers a great work environment for anyone looking to work part time. With the mission of putting the customer first the Total Wine team truly excels at respecting both customers and employees. Overall great place to work.

How much does a supervisor at Total Wine make?

The typical Total Wine & More Supervisor salary is $30,742. Supervisor salaries at Total Wine & More can range from $26,792 – $93,993.

Where is the best place to buy wine?

So for them, and all your non-aficionado friends, here are the top 9 places to buy wine.2) Locally owned wine shop. … 3) Big wine chain store. … 4) Whole Foods market. … 5) Costco. … 6) Buying online. … 7) Grocery stores. … 8) Trader Joe’s. … 9) Drugstores/bodegas.More items…•

Is it worth owning a gas station?

From a financial perspective, gas doesn’t matter much at most gas stations. Unless you enjoy a location that lets you charge an above market price for your fuel — like being right across the street from airport car returns — gasoline sales are only marginally profitable after credit card fees.

How much does total wine pay hourly?

Average Total Wine & More hourly pay ranges from approximately $12.47 per hour for Seasonal Associate to $14.24 per hour for Front End Manager. The average Total Wine & More salary ranges from approximately $20,000 per year for Cashier/Sales to $66,523 per year for Assistant Store Manager.

Is total wine legit?

If you are looking for a friendly and knowledgeable staff for your alcohol needs, then Total Wine and More is a great place to start! Not only do they have a great selection of wine, beer and spirits, they also have very friendly and knowledgeable staff and great prices.

Is total wine cheaper than Walmart?

Total Wine (and Beer) Some of their stores carry over 2,000 different beers. Total Wine is not the cheapest place to buy the most common beers. If you want a case of Coors or Busch, go to Walmart and you’ll save at least a buck or two. … Total Wine on big brands offers the better wine deal between the two stores.

How much do cashiers at gas stations make?

National Average As of Dec 14, 2020, the average annual pay for a Gas Station Cashier in the United States is $23,253 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $11.18 an hour. This is the equivalent of $447/week or $1,938/month.

How much do total wine store managers make?

The typical Total Wine & More Store Manager salary is $84,462. Store Manager salaries at Total Wine & More can range from $63,363 – $121,047.

How much do wine and spirits employees make?

Wine and Spirits SalariesJob TitleSalaryHy-Vee Wine and Spirits Clerk salaries – 2 salaries reported$11/hrFestival Foods Wine & Spirits Clerk salaries – 1 salaries reported$9/hrHy-Vee Wine and Spirits Manager salaries – 1 salaries reported$40,703/yrSendik’s Wine and Spirits Manager salaries – 1 salaries reported$15/hr16 more rows

Is Total Wine and More cheaper?

Total Wine was not only cheaper overall, but every single item I shopped for had lower prices. … Overall, Total Wine was 17 percent less expensive than Edina and 20 percent less expensive than MGM.

Is it hard working at a gas station?

Working on private gas stations is the toughest things. He cant even use the washroom when he want to, because there are customers. Private gas station have only one employee so. They don’t have breaks, ( who will be there at cashier then?)

Do Total Wine employees get discounts?

TEAM MEMBER DISCOUNTS: Discounts offered on beer, wine, spirits and other select items in our stores.