Quick Answer: How Many Days Does It Take To Learn Selenium?

Is it easy to learn selenium?

Learning Selenium is not really tough, however, it requires a good disciple and strategic road map to learn it fast.

Therefore, in order to gain better understanding and familiarity, one should target four things: Java, Selenium Webdriver, TestNg and Frameworks to learn automation testing with Selenium..

Is automation easy to learn?

In fact, learning to code will probably be one of the most difficult parts of learning test automation, as well. However, test automation is impossible without coding knowledge, so it will be something you need to know. … You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with testing frameworks like Nightwatch.

How can I learn Java automation testing?

So if you are a manual tester and want to be a QA automation engineer, learn Java and programming the same way:Learn Java Core and solve many small coding tasks. … Use a good IDE (I recommend IntelliJ IDEA).Learn unit testing.Verify your code without System. … Read about code refactoring.Learn SQL at the beginner level.More items…•

Is QA a good career?

After analyzing hundreds of thousands of employee-generated reviews, CareerBliss found that QA analyst was ranked #2 on their list of happiest jobs.

Is automation testing in demand?

Automation testing demand in the market is increasing with new-age agile and DevOps methodology replacing waterfall model. As agile methodology involves frequent changes, it is essential to have an automation testing process in place for the same.

Can I learn selenium without knowing Java?

Yes, of course, you can learn Selenium without knowing Java. If you want to create your tests using record and play feature of Selenium IDE, you don’t need any knowledge of Java. … Selenium IDE – For this no programming knowledge needed, supports only Firefox browser, no iterations, no conditional statements.

Which is the best website to learn selenium?

Top 13 Resources for Learning Selenium AutomationEdureka. Edureka is one of the fastest growing e-learning platforms. … SeleniumHQ. Being the official website for learning, downloading, and looking for Selenium resources, SeleniumHQ is the most reliable resource of all. … LambdaTest. … Guru99. … DZone Selenium Refcard. … Selenium HQ Wiki. … Ultimate QA. … Stack Overflow.More items…•

Which is the easiest automation tool to learn?

Ranorex is easy for beginners with a codeless click-and-go interface, but powerful for automation experts with a full IDE for C# or VB.NET, and open APIs. Features: Functional UI and end-to-end testing on desktop, web, and mobile.

How long does it take to learn selenium?

one to two monthsIf you really want to learn Selenium then you can learn it very easily. If you focus properly then you can learn it within one to two months of time. You must be knowing the basic concepts of any programming language like Java, Python, PHP and many more.

Can we learn selenium every month?

Learning the Code For those who have no prior knowledge about the programming language, there are various online resources where you can learn how to understand the language from scratch. … For those who want to learn Selenium testing in as little as 1 month, it may be possible if you try the tips we mentioned above.

Is coding required for selenium?

Selenium is a widely used open source, portable software testing framework for web applications. Though Selenium comes with a test domain specific language (Selenese), other programming languages (Java, C#, Ruby, Python) can be used to script tests as well.

What should I know before learning selenium?

Whereas Java is the most widely preferred and adopted language for working with Selenium WebDriver. Python comes next in the list. If you are new to programming, then I recommend you start from either of these two languages. Some other prerequisite is the basic of HTML concepts.

What should I learn for Selenium testing in Java?

Set, List & map are three types of collections, you need to learn. Handling Files – Another important topic for Java. For writing your automation scripts, you will pick up data from files as well (typically Excel and CSV). So you need to know how to open and create files, read data from the files etc.

How long will it take to learn automation testing?

There are 24 hours from the start to the end of the day. For Selenium, the time you need for learning it depends on the end point. If you just want to be able to create basic automation scripts, you can get there in a short time (probably a few months).

Can I learn selenium at home?

Selenium is an open-source and free test automation tool using which we can automate web-based applications. Can I learn Selenium on my own? Yes, if you have basic programming knowledge, you can learn Selenium on your own, just start from chapter-1 of our course.

How do you start selenium for beginners?

Set Up Selenium WebDriver – Selenium TutorialSet Up Java.Set Up Eclipse.Set Up WebDriver Client.Configure Eclipse with WebDriver.First Test Case with FF Browser.Running Test on GeckoDriver.Running Test on Safari Browser.Running Test on Chrome Browser.More items…

Does automation testing require coding?

While performing Black box testing, the tester does not require the knowledge of coding. … This is because automation testing involves statement coverage, code coverage, cyclomatic complexity, etc. all these concepts need a good knowledge of programming skills and database.

Where can I learn automation testing?

Top 8 Free Online Resources To Learn Automation Testing1| CP-SAT – Certified Professional Selenium Automation Testing. … 2| Selenium Automation Testing for Beginners. … 3| Learn Test Automation with Boozang. … 4| Getting Started With Test Automation Using Selenium. … 5| Appium – Selenium for Mobile Automation Testing. … 6| Automation Testing Tutorial.More items…•