Question: Is Infosys Better Than Accenture?

How prestigious is Accenture?

It does a lot of different “types” of consulting with one unifying theme: technology.

The part of Accenture that’s most similar to McKinsey, BCG and Bain is called Accenture Strategy.

It accounts for less than 10% of the company’s revenues but is the most prestigious part as it tends to work for C-suite clients..

What is Accenture famous for?

Accenture is a global services and consulting company. Offering strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services, it is a Fortune 500 company with offices around the world. The company started life as the business and technology arm of accounting firm Arthur Andersen.

Which stream is best in Accenture?

Below are some of major streams where Accenture provides trainings to its fresh recruits.Testing.SAP (ABAP / other modules)C++Oracle Apps.SFDC (Sales Force)PEGA (not sure about freshers but some experienced resource get trained in this )Workday.Business Analytics.More items…

Is Accenture a bad company?

Flexible work arrangements depending on role. You will work hard; not much of a work/life balance. … Benefits are not very competitve compared to other organizations.

What is the notice period in Accenture?

7. Notice Period: As you might be aware that the notice period has been increased to 90 Days.

Does Accenture pay well?

The colleagues and seniors at Accenture are generally good and accommodating. … Accenture Consulting/Client & Market gets paid more compared to the technology colleagues. Accenture Technology resources are paid less compared to the market rate even though Accenture charges the clients a higher rate.

Does Accenture fire freshers?

Originally Answered: does accenture fire trainees after training? Yes accenture fires trainees after GFT training if any one is not able to clear main and after 3 RT exams given. Apart from that, your overall score also should be above cutoff clubbing each exams together.

Which Accenture location is best in India?

BangaloreI guess Bangalore is the best location as more number of projects as well as most of the development projects are in Bangalore. Bangalore is the best at least in India for career in Technology. Don’t about Accenture but as per technical prospective Bangalore is the best.

Is joining Infosys a good idea?

If you have plans for higher studies then Infosys is good for you. Work pressure is less so you can study and prepare for MBA or MTech and give exams. Finally, the major point is Infosys has a brand value and a good fame. It can help you to get a good package in small companies if you are good in your domain.

Does Accenture look good on resume?

Accenture is well respected in the industry and having the name on your resume makes you more attractive to other companies.

Is Accenture training tough?

The tests conducted by accenture are not that tough. With a little preparation and attention in the class, you(both non-IT and IT ppl) can clear it easily. … Accenture will not look at your preferences at all which were given at the timing of interviews. You will be put in any of the cities in India for the training.

Does Accenture fired employees?

Accenture Is Firing 10,0000 Employees In India: Which Employees Will Lose Jobs? Confirmed reports are coming in that IT major Accenture is all set to fire 5% of their workforce, and this means that 10,000 employees in India will be fired.

Does Accenture have dress code?

All employees are required to wear business-casual attire Monday to Thursday. Smart-casual attire can be worn on Fridays and at other designated times. For further details please refer to the Accenture Dress Code Guidelines document that was provided to you in your Job Offer Packet.

Does Accenture give laptops?

Yes employee get laptops in Accenture. … Employees do get laptops in Accenture but it all depends on which project are you working in. If the budget of the project is good and you are allowed to do work from home, laptops will be given.

Is Accenture interview tough?

Accenture interviews are pretty challenging compared to regular interviews at large corporates. The questions are difficult and the interview format is specific to Accenture. But the good news is, that with the right preparation it can actually become relatively straightforward to succeed at an Accenture interview.

Which is better Accenture or Infosys?

Accenture scored higher in 3 areas: Compensation & Benefits, % Recommend to a friend and Positive Business Outlook. Infosys scored higher in 3 areas: Work-life balance, Senior Management and Culture & Values. Both tied in 3 areas: Overall Rating, Career Opportunities and CEO Approval.

Why is Accenture the best?

The main reason people choose a career at Accenture is because of the work we do. … Accenture’s truly dynamic environment means you will be able to take advantage of a variety of opportunities through which you can tailor your career, develop specialized expertise and grow professionally.

Is it good to join Accenture?

The company has a big reputation in the market, so the experience that you get to add in your resume is valuable. Also this is a huge organization, so if you are lucky you get good projects.