Question: Can I Install Google Apps On Huawei Nova 7i?

How do I download apps on my Huawei Nova 7i?

How to enable HUAWEI Nova 7i to download apps from other sources than Google PlayFirst of all, go to Settings and under System you will find “Security”.

Then choose “Unknown sources” and tick it.You should get the information that installing an application from unknown sources could be very harmful to your device.More items….

How do I install Google Play store on my Huawei Nova 7 5g?

We are already close, now we have to Restart our HUAWEI Nova 7 5G. Click and hold the Power button until 2 buttons pop up, Restart and Power Off, of course, click on the Restart and use Touch to Restart. Right now you can open Play Store and enjoy it on your HUAWEI Nova 7 5G.

Can you get Google apps on Huawei p40?

But there is good news for those looking to put a bit of work into it. This is because thanks to a workaround, you can actually install Google Play Services on your Huawei P40 smartphone.

How do I install Google apps on Huawei Nova 7i?

Step By Step Guide To Install Google Play Store & ServicesTransfer this file to the USB drive.Connect the USB to the smartphone.Extract the Google installation file in the root directory of USB.You will have a folder “GMS and Backup“.In this folder, you will have a backup APK and a folder “Huawei“

Does Huawei Nova 7i have Google Play store?

Install Google Play Store On Huawei Nova 7i/P40 Lite/P40 pro/Mate 30 pro. Install Google play service.

Can you download Google apps on Huawei?

There is no official way to install Google apps on Huawei smartphones like the Mate 30 Pro. … Most of the apps from Google are also freely available online and easy to install.

Does Huawei Nova 5t have Google Play store?

New Huawei phones aren’t allowed to include the Google Play Store, making it very hard to access most of the apps you use, but one has just launched that does have them. This is the Huawei Nova 5T, launched in August in China.

Does Huawei y9s have Google Play store?

Unlike the Honor 9X Pro, the Huawei Y9s runs on EMUI 9.1 based on Android 9 Pie. So, you get access to all Google Mobile Services and Google Play Store. The phone will get regular app updates and will also be eligible for future Android updates.

How do I get Google Play store on my Huawei?

How to get Google Play Store on your Huawei phone. To execute this ‘hack’, you need to get an app called ‘Chat Partner’. This isn’t available on Huawei’s App Gallery, but you can install it via an APK here. When this is downloaded and installed, open the app.

Which Huawei phones have Google Apps?

Like the original P30 Pro, the Huawei P30 Pro New Edition comes with a 6.7-inch screen, four rear cameras and Google’s full suite of services, which include Gmail, Google Maps, and the Google Play Store.